Some of you may not know this about me, but before I started my business, before the world got locked down, and before I found the love of my life, I was a non-stop traveller. 51 countries to be exact and travelling all over the world from southeast Asia to Europe to south America, even living in Jordan at one point all with only a 7kg carry on backpack!

One of my long-time best friends was supposed to get married just as the first lock down hit. Devastated would be an understatement. But the wait has been long anticipated, and everyone attending was very much looking forward to seeing their favourite couple married at last in what better location than Vanuatu.

 So, I got thinking. It's typical to gift money for a wedding, but what happens when you know money won't be accepted? I had to get a bit more creative, and it didn't sit right with me that I literally OWN a gift boxing business and don't have anything particular to gift. In that moment I decided I need to add bridal gifts as an option to my shop, not just a gift for the bride, but an option for the newly engaged couple, and an option for brides to give their bridesmaids and maid of honour. I wanted to be able to do it all.

I put my thinking cap on and reached out to a few businesses I thought would be suitable. Naturally, pamper items are the obvious choice like lush skincare from Seven Island Skin, Kenzina and Cutie Booty. But how could I personalise this gift even more? Custom gifts of course! Sashes, but not the usual. The brides sash said, "Future Mrs so and so" and her bridesmaids said, "Wikis Bridesmaids". I got a "Mr & Mrs" acrylic sign made up which looked beautiful on their wedding cake, an engraved photo frame, and a custom Mr & Mrs illustration drawn.

Then there were final touches, like "bride tribe", "bride to be" and "Mr and Mrs" candles, Moscato flavoured marshmallows, a beautiful wedding guest book and pen set, the cutest little lipstick balm and wait for it.... a fabulous electric toothbrush travel set with teeth whitening serum!

This Beaut Box really did have EVERYTHING.

I packed everything away carefully and I actually carried everything in the plane just to be sure it was safe.

I set up a little photoshoot on my hotel room balcony at the Warwick Le Lagoon where I stayed, and tried to get as many shots as I could before finally handing over to my friend the night before the wedding. 

It felt great to give one of my favourite people an amazing gift, and she sure did deserve to be spoiled. I know she will get good use out of each and every product and now I'm so excited to be able to offer these gifts to my customers who may be getting married or have someone dear to them they want to gift something to.

It was a busy time in Vanuatu, I got sunburned within 24 hours, even though I applied sunscreen all the time, and it was really difficult to adjust to the heat. I had to accept that I'd be in a constant state of stickiness and look like I'd just got out of a pool most of the time. After the wedding and bridesmaids' duties, I had some time to just chill out and relax. I was lucky enough to make some friends as I usually do when travelling alone, who took me to some great spots. I tried Kava for the first time, and although it tasted awful and I am really bad at sculling, I am glad I got that experience at a local Kava lounge and be around locals doing their regular thing. I found the local people to be shy and polite, friendly and always smiling. 

I also want to mention, that I came across a lovely woman at my hotel who had a really amazing story. I'd see her around the hotel, and we would chat here and there. The day after she checked out, a notification popped up on my phone and it was an order from her. A very special order, and I was so excited to be able to create that for her. To this wonderful human, thank you for helping me understand the meaning of "amor fati".

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and if you think you or someone you know may need a bridal gift in the future, you know where to come!




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  • Zoi

    Dear Beautgiftco
    An absolute pleasure meeting you!
    Many thanks for the comments and many more thanks for your amazing gift box, it was perfect!
    See you for my next special occasion. ❤️

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