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Beaut Gift Co. has developed from my love of gifting to my friends and family. Making someone I care about feel loved and special is single-handedly the best feeling for me. I wanted to be able to give everyone the opportunity to make the people they care about feel great too.
Growing up in a below average income household, money for gifts and extras was not at an abundance. This was tough for a little girl with a big, generous heart. I had to get creative, and make things out of what I had, or what I could find.
I remember as a kid rollerblading around the block and picking flowers around the neighbourhood. I would go home, draw all over a piece of paper, create a bouquet of flowers, and present this to my mother. 
It was a blessing in disguise, because to this day, although I’m now grown and in a better financial position, I still think of ways to be creative. I know that expensive gifts don’t necessarily mean the best gifts, and sometimes the thoughtful and creative gifts are the ones that mean the most.
Fast forward, I was put in a position, where my universe presented me with a very clear choice. Stay in a toxic work environment or take that leap of faith and do something that I would spring out of bed for. I chose to create something I was genuinely passionate about and well, Hello Beaut Gift Co.
My hunt for the most beautiful, unique and quirky gifts, has taken me on an interesting journey around Australia, I have met some amazing small business owners and learned about a lot of products I didn’t know existed. I am proud to say, I have found some amazing products which are all tested, enjoyed and loved by me personally.
Whether you need a personal pick me up or that perfect gift for someone close to you. I hope you find what you are looking for here.
Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my small business Beaut Gift Co.
Jemma-Jane Davis - Founder of Beaut Gift Co. 
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  • Sharleen Ratu

    I’ve bought 2 Beaut Box’s from Jemma, 1 for a friend in Nz & 1 for my daughter in law. I found Jemma’s service to be very personal & of an excellent standard.
    The products are absolutely amazing & thoroughly loved & enjoyed.
    I will definitely use her gifting services again x

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