woman holding baby. discover your love language
There are 5 love languages.
1. Acts of service
2. Physical touch
3. Words of affirmation
4. Quality time
5. Receiving Gifts
Understanding what yours and your loved ones love language is can help to strengthen your relationships. 
The key to a healthy, successful relationship, is understanding how to best express your love to your partner in  a way that fulfils their needs.
This means, that just because YOU may feel loved when you receive gifts, does not mean that you showering your partner in gifts makes them feel the same way, if their love language is say "words of affirmation". You may think that, you love gifts so why wouldn't they? I'm sure they like the gift.... but they would love it if you told them how much they mean to you, how much you appreciate and value them etc. For this, there is a way to fill both cups. A gift with a heart felt letter/card.
Almost every female I know (myself included) has "acts of service" as their love language. It would be most meaningful for their partner to do something around the house. It feels so great when you are going to do something (like fold the washing, or empty the dishwasher) and its already done!
Some people appreciate quality time. Undivided attention, phones away, meaningful conversations with no distractions.
Others value physical touch, holding hands, cuddling on the couch with Netflix and snacks. 
The sooner your can identify each others love language and understand what makes yourself and your partner fulfilled, the sooner you will be able to truly give each other what you need to feel valued and appreciated. 
If you are not sure what your love language is, there is a helpful easy quiz you can take, you just answer a few questions and at the end you will see your result. Based off a percentage of each of the 5 love languages. 
Click HERE to find out yours and then share it with your partner too!

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