Most of us have been in that position, where we are stressed out because we don't know what gift to get for someone. It may be a gift for a close friend or relative, a dear couple, a team of staff or colleagues, clients or maybe even a neighbour. Regardless of who it is, we want to gift them something really great, but are unsure of what that could be. 

Sending/giving a gift box has many advantages, here's a few:

1. Gift boxes contain unique products.

Gone are the days of boring food hampers all wrapped up in cellophane, with strange marmalades and fancy chutneys. Beaut Gift Co have searched far and wide for much cooler gifts. Things that people wouldn't usually expect to receive. Things like fluffy Marshmallows whipped up in small batches fresh from some ones home over in Perth. Or skincare, exfoliators, oils, moisturizers perfected for all kinds of skin types and handmade in Coogee by Seven Island Skincare  You will find delicious smelling homemade candles, with all kinds of different scents, curated here in Sydney by Archie & Dot. These are just a few of our favourites but we can almost know for sure that whoever is receiving their gift box, will probably not have heard of or seen these gifts before, so their unboxing will be extra exciting special.

2. Gift boxes are well presented.

Let's be honest. Most of us do not have the time, energy or creativity to first research products, go out and buy them all, find the right packaging (a box, tissue, crinkle cut, cards) and then put everything together beautifully. If you leave it to a professional, you don't have to worry about anything. You simply choose a curated gift box or build your own and choose items individually, you write the note at checkout and literally leave the rest up to us. We do all the "hard work" for you (not really cause it's fun for us) and YOU get all the credit.

3. Create that element of surprise and WOW factor. 

One item is cool, of course, something is better than nothing. But multiple items all at once is a sensory overload. Seeing all these amazing gifts at once will be overwhelming in the best way possible. A real surprise and such an exciting feeling. Whoever you send a Beaut Box will be left with a lasting impression and are sure to never forget the moment. A gift so exciting they will be raving about it so long after. 


This is our favourite reason for why gift boxes (Beaut Boxes in particular) are a great idea. Every single item you choose has come from another hard-working business owner somewhere around Australia. We tried and loved their products ourselves first and then teamed up with them to make it super easy for you to gift something thoughtful without the added stress. You can feel so great knowing that your purchase is making multiple small business owners do a happy dance. 

5. Save on shipping...

This one just goes without saying, who doesn't like free shipping? If you buy multiple items separately straight from the business, there is a good chance you will have to pay shipping or reach a minimum order before receiving free shipping. With us, we have brought everything in bulk, which means you can buy multiple items to make up your gift box and won't have to worry about shipping costs. We take care of all that!

The list goes on and on, but the bottom line is that Gift Boxes are where it's at.

Something special and thoughtful, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, that supports multiple small businesses and really makes whoever is receiving the gift feel loved and thought of. 

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We offer Free Gift Delivery within Australian metropolitan areas, $15 flat rate shipping to New Zealand and Same Day Urgent delivery. 

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