Q&A's with Rosie Lou

 Rosie Lou was a brand we came across and knew immediately that Beaut Gift Co needed to partner with. Not only are seeds to your favourite fruit/vegetables/flowers/herbs the coolest and most unique gift, but the way Rosie Lou have absolutely nailed the quotes on their packaging with fun things like "You're one in a Melon" for watermelon seeds or "Thyme to party" for fresh Thyme had us knowing immediately this is an amazing gift to add to our gift range. Cute AND functional. 

I caught up with the girls from Rosie Lou and this is what they had to say!

Tell us a bit about you and your business...

When Olivia left the Sunshine Coast Gubbi Gubbi Country and moved to Brisbane Turrbal and Yugara Country, in 2013 to live with older sister Camille she was water-colouring fruity pun greeting cards for friends and family. Camille loved her bright witty ideas and encouraged her to replicate the designs and have them professionally printed. With a nudge from brother Joey (who runs his own Web Design company- Web 3,) the Rosie Lou website was born, builder Dad built an incredible timber market stand display and crafty Mum sewed uniforms and our fabric products… and the rest is history!
2. What was the inspiration behind your business and how did it come about?
When our own stationery collection was getting a bit out hand (stored in multiple cupboards but still not enough room), we knew it was just right to start making our own. We also saw there was a gap in the market for 100% Australian made, environmentally sustainable stationery. 
3. What was the most challenging part of getting your business off the ground and how did you overcome those challenges?
There was a HUGE amount of research involved in looking for packaging, products and supplies that are 100% environmentally friendly. We are happy with all the ongoing research we do to ensure we are committed to being a carbon neutral business. 
4.  Are there any small businesses out there who inspire you?
All our small business Brisbane friends which we’ve met at various networking events and Etsy and Finders Keepers markets have been such a good support. 


5. How would a typical day look for you? 

The perfect Rosie Lou day starts early with running the dogs along with beautiful properties near us or letting them loose out in the garden while I do some watering. Come home for a cup of coffee and to sit down at the computer to reply to emails, admin jobs and working out what orders need doing. And then the rest of the day is spent packing orders and creating stock aka production! production! production. There is a lot of labour that goes into creating our seed packs, and they’re our most popular item, so I love to make sure we’re well stocked. Then dashing off to get the orders to the post office before 5pm. If there’s still light left in the day then it’s back in the garden and greenhouse, watering and picking home grown goodies for dinner. 
6. How do you find the perfect work/life balance?
It’s been wonderful having a shed on our property to run the business out of. When you start your own business it’s easy to have a home office and your products and work spills out into every area of your home. Having a designated work space where you can close the door (or roller door,) behind us has been so important, so that home is for down time, not more work. I must admit, it doesn’t feel like work when I’m planting our seeds and tending to the garden. That’s the beautiful blurring of work and hobbies - when you love what you do it doesn’t feel like hard work.  
7.  What advice would you give to someone who is on the fence about starting their own business?
If you’re passionate about your product/ service, then it will be a hugely rewarding venture. Find great people around to support you, mentor you and help you run the aspects of your business that don’t come as easy to you. Focus on what you’re good at and what brings you joy. 
8.  What are you most proud of in terms of your business venture so far?
I’m so proud of how we have stayed true to what we believe in through every business decision made - never putting profits before the environment. We’ve spent countless hours researching Australian businesses to support by using their services and buying our supplies from so that we know that our products are made ethically.
9.  What is your best-selling product?
Our single seed packs continue to fly off our shelves. It’s such a joy to think of all the gardens our seeds have ended up in!
10.  What is the best tip you could give for someone who is interested in using your product? 
Aussie made, 100% recycled post-consumer wastepaper and packaging, printed with vegetable inks and plastic free! Even shipped without plastic! 
Our products help bring people together, sharing birthdays, celebrating achievements and appreciating great friendships. Our garden range encourages you and your loved ones to get in the garden and help build a connection to Mother Earth while learning valuable skills! 
11. Why would your product/s make the perfect gift?
There’s a greeting card or gift tag to suit anyone or any occasion. There’s a lovely selection of eco-friendly gifts perfect for the garden lovers or those who appreciate witty and pretty designs. 
12. We absolutely love your seed packs. How do you come up with the funny/cute/quirky sayings/quotes on them?
Lots of family brainstorming! Lots of the puns start out as an idea and evolve with the help of bouncing them off our family and friends. 
13. What has been your biggest achievement in life?
The love for our beautiful extended family!
Being a family run business, our family connection is our most treasured and special thing, it’s something we are so proud of, we love our family get-togethers and have been very blessed to have a big team of family helpers to cheer us on and help create products since the get-go. 
14. What were you doing before you started your own business and what gave you the final push to get into it?
Both Olivia and I (Camille,) both do other work besides Rosie Lou and love the creative balance. 
Olivia is an Interior Designer and loves working for an Architecture firm in Brisbane City. I am a Dance/ PE Teacher, I have just left my beautiful job at Ithaca Creek State School in Brisbane to take a Dance position at a high school on the Sunshine Coast. I love the mix of being physically and visually creative through the different facets of work. 
15. Do you have anything exciting coming up in 2023?
YES! Additions to our eco homewares and gifts are in the works, and of course new seed packs and greeting cards. 
16. What keeps you motivated/what do you do to get motivated when you feel flat?
Exercise! Starting the day with pretty much anything active out amongst Mother Nature is the key to a more productive and happier day. 
17. What do you do for fun? 
Gardening! Water-skiing and wakeboarding, snow skiing (but not often enough.) Eating… food is such a pleasure! Exploring the Mary Valley region around the Rosie Lou HQ is my new favourite past time. 
Renovating and landscaping our houses/ gardens takes up a lot of spare time.
We both love arts and crafts also, anything where our hands are busy - sewing, pottery, crochet. 
18. What quote do you live by?
Our Dad used to often say "go get ‘em” and “take it easy!” Love both of these! 
So much great information from Olivia and Camille at Rosie Lou.
You can check out their website here --> ROSIE LOU

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