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As I get older, I am starting to understand that it is very important to invest in good skin care products and to be consistent with a daily skin care routine.

Since starting my own small business, I have come across a lot of great Australian businesses who have wonderful ranges. I've been able to try a few of them and compare results.

I've realised that by having a daily skin care routine, rather than just applying random masks and serums here and there when it suits, my skin is much better off, regularly hydrated and very rarely will I find myself in a desperate position of trying to restore hydration or needing to try remove rough dead skin.

In saying that, I have teamed up with one of my favourite small Australian skin care businesses to celebrate Beaut Gift Co's 2-year anniversary. But before I go into that, have a look over these Q&A's with Bonésse Skin Care founder Bo... 

1. Tell us about Bonésse Skin Care and what it's all about...

Bonésse Skin Care has been created out of necessity for healthier skin and a healthier lifestyle. When I moved to Australia 6 years ago, I changed my diet and lifestyle, which was inevitable, and this resulted in health problems and skin reaction. Upon medical advice I got back to my “poor” Mediterranean way of eating and mostly cutting the stress as much as I could, and the results were amazing.

I wanted to create a product that would resonate with my philosophy and will help other women to love themselves in their own skin, at any age. Bonésse is about efficiency and feeling good skincare. Applying skincare products should be a ritual, a few minutes of “Me time" where you feel good, and you can start or end your day in good spirit. Bonésse is all about empowering you to love yourself at any age, and we bottled up that philosophy just for you.

2. People are spoiled for choice when it comes to skin care these days. What sets Bonésse apart from the rest?

Knowledge, tradition and simplicity.

Knowledge comes from me spending 19 years in the skincare industry and I have been trained in the best skincare ingredients laboratories in the world. I know what works and what does not.

Tradition – my background and upbringing – I was born in Bulgaria, land of roses, lavender and herbs, and lived all my life in a Mediterranean way. I lived in Italy and Greece and took from there the wisdom of the Mediterranean and the connection with nature.

Simplicity – not overloaded formulations and multitasking products – in only 4 products it is “packed” everything essential that your skin needs. Our airless
packaging guarantees the stability of the antioxidants inside and a longer shelf life. We pay special attention to the packaging; it is crucial for a cosmetic product.  Let’s not forget the sustainability aspect – we are for less products, less packaging, less landfill. We also use only ingredients that have been responsibly harvested and manufactured.

3. What kind of results could someone using Bonésse skin care expect to see?

Healthy(er) skin! Healthy skin means beautiful and glowing skin. A skin with pores, texture, sometimes redness is not perfect skin, but a healthy one. At Bonésse, we are all about celebrating the real you. Our philosophy? A healthy skin journey is a beautiful one, flaws and all.

We are not here to push some unattainable standard; instead, we champion a realistic and healthy approach to both life and the aging process. Aging gracefully? Absolutely! But it's not about erasing every line or pore; it's about embracing the changes, feeling good, and letting your inner radiance shine through.

4. The Bonésse cleanser has quickly become an absolute favourite of mine. Why would you say cleansing is so important? And is this "double cleanse" I keep hearing about totally necessary?

Cleansing is step No.1 and most important for the skin barrier (I am obsessed with the skin barrier). Cleansing your skin creates a beautiful canvas, where the next step of your routine will sit and absorb better. Our cleanser is micellar – micelles are small particles that literally attract like a magnet dirt, sebum, impurities and make up from the skin, in a gentle way. That’s why our Micellar balancing Cleanser removes heavy makeup perfectly, without disrupting the skin’s lipid layer.

On top it balances the skin’s microbiome, which is crucial for the overall health of the skin + hydrates and gently exfoliates the skin in the long term. All the surfactants used in it are mild and coconut based, no palm products. It is not a double cleansing – double cleansing consists of two phases: an oil cleanser followed by a gel foaming one. It is a trend, but I disagree that it is absolutely necessary. Our philosophy is practicality and time saving.

5. The Bonésse Hydro Soothing Toner Mist has watermelon + rose water & yoghurt in it. Tell us a little bit about why you went with this combination and how it works with your skin...

Again, it is inspired by the region I am coming from – Rosa Damascena is a national symbol and a part of an industry for more than 200 years. Rose water and rose oil are recognised to be one of the best skin care ingredients, with amazing properties – soothing, hydrating, restoring and pro-ageing. Yogurt is also a staple of the Mediterranean culture, much more eaten than applied on skin,
but again, my grandmother used to apply yogurt on my sunburned skin when I was a child.

Our mist contains also rose hip oil with nourishing properties, pomegranate enzymes for a mild exfoliation, and proteins from kale, lemon and carrot for long-term hydration. As you see it is a complete skincare product, not just water, and can be used not only to refresh your skin after a hot day on the beach, but also to restore the vitality of your skin.

6. I love the fact that your range is not overly complicated. You have the staples and, in my opinion, the essentials (for me anyway). Do you think everyone should use a cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer, or would that just be for certain skin types?

I think that everyone should take care of their skin, the same way they shower and brush their teeth. The number of products depends on everyone’s preferences. I created four essential products that together work perfectly, but also can be used separately, combined in only two of them, it is subjective. I created Bonésse with the idea of a simple and hustle free routine, ideal for travelling and/or busy women, or simply for women who don’t want to spend a fortune, in order to look great, or spend much time every morning and evening in front of the mirror.

6. What are you most proud of with what you have achieved in your business so far?

The thing that makes me most proud is that my brand represents myself, my lifestyle and my belief about selfcare and enjoying yourself and your life. Bonésse speaks a straightforward and honest language about self-image and self-acceptance, two things that are missing in the younger generation, causing deep problems. I am happy when someone reaches me after trying my products saying: “That’s actually really good, I feel better in my own skin.”

8. Do you have any plans to expand your range in the future?

Yes, two more products are formulated and are in process of testing: a skin peel and a mask. I can’t say more for now. When they will be launched – unfortunately it is difficult to say. The business and economic environment is not the best at the moment, and this makes everything more difficult and riskier. I have more
products in my brain, I know what women want.

9.What is your favourite part about running your own business?

Being free and doing what I love. Managing my time, the way I want without stress and burnout, and having enough time to be a mother and a wife, enjoying life by travelling. Going back to my roots and recharge myself and my inspiration for more and better Bonésse products.

10. What are some challenges you faced while getting your business up and running? How did you overcome those challenges?

My biggest challenge was not being “local”. What I mean is that I came to Australia 6 years ago, and do not have the net of friends and family, and people I know from the industry, the way I had in Europe. So, I had to dig for everything alone, and hitting a few times the wall, but this is part of the game called business.


As I mentioned earlier, Beaut Gift Co is teaming up with Bonésse Skin Care for a special collaboration to celebrate our 2-year business anniversary.

Every Beaut Box purchased before December 4th, 2023 (until stocks last) will receive a FREE GIFT. Either a Cleanser, a Serum or a Moisturiser from the Bonésse Skin Care range as well as a special offer when purchasing anything directly from the Bonésse website! How exciting?

If you enjoyed these Q&A's take a moment to check out a blog from Bo herself that I found interesting - "Anti-Ageing VS Well-Aging" 


Let us know what you think!