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There are a lot of foodies in Sydney and around the world, but there was something about "Sixfootnsalty" that stood out, she intrigued me. The way she took her photos, and explained in such great detail about her experiences. I wanted to know more about HER as a person. So I invited her to join me for a hot chocolate at Guylians on George to talk more about her Journey.
The first thing I said to her was "Wow! You look just like you do in your pictures", a real natural beauty that radiates the room. I quickly understood where the "six foot" part of her name came from but what about the salty part?
She said "initially it was a play on the foodie thing like Salt Bae, but it's more reflective of my personality being sweet and salty depending on my mood!"
1. Tell us a bit about yourself, what is your background and how did you get into the foodie scene?

I started my food obsession likely in the womb. My mum and grandmother were fantastic cooks and that definitely rubbed off on me. I loved creating and more than anything feeding. I started sharing my cooking and food adventures online and it turned into an obsession which then quickly grew to the foodie community we now have.

2. Did you have any reservations about putting yourself out there?

Sixfoot & Salty wasn't my first attempt at an Instagram account. Initially I had another account and it was me trying to fit in and be like everyone else (style of photos, hiding my face away etc) though in the process I felt like I lost my look and feel.
I decided to lift the lid and showcase foods and venues that I loved and genuinely connected with people, which also included stepping in front of the camera and shooting the way that represents me and my style.

3. What has been your favorite part of this journey so far?

The wonderful people it has brought into my life. All different backgrounds, different talents, from restaurant owners to product makers, eaters and feeders. Food is a language that we all share and it was the catalyst.

4. Who are your inspirations that put you on this path?

My inspiration are now friends such as postcardsfrompeta, jimmywongeats, justin_time2eat, kerabeareats, glendonww and kunsin... there are so many more that inspire me but I'd be here for days!

5. What are you most excited about for 2022? Any upcoming projects?

I'm pushing myself more into photography and styling but not just food related. I have found that I just love showcasing products in their best light or through my lense. I really try to capture the feeling and detail in all my shots, while showing you something different.

6. What are your top 5 picks for "best restaurants in Sydney"

Oww this is a hard one because I am trying new places all the time! My choices right now are poly (, Kuro Bar and Dining, Woodcut, Mu Mu and Cafe Paci

7. Where have you sipped on your favourite cocktail in Sydney?

I am a filty vodka martini lover, last night the team at Soultrap in Surry Hills absolutely NAILED IT. However in all honesty, I'm always impressed by Lobo Plantation, Baxters and Old Mates Place.

8. What are some local food businesses you are most excited about?

Living in Glebe; I am walking distance to the Darling Quarter which means there is so many incredible places I am yet to try.

9. What are your top 3 recommendations for gift ideas for a "foodie friend"?

This is always a tough one because foodies are always out and about trying new things; likely something edible, unique and locally made. I've recently tried locally made sauces and condiments by Bad Boozer Sauce Co and Old Bones Chilli Co which are phenomenal as gifts.

10. Yes! You were gifted a Beaut Box. What was your first impression when you came across Beaut Gift Co.

Firstly the beautiful packaging; you can absolutely tell that a lot of thought has gone into it, it looks premium. Once you open the box you are hit with an incredible wave of scents and aromas. Under the tissue paper is a wonderful array of gifts ranging from the candle to teas and bath salts. It's immediately screaming to me the most relaxing and perfect night in. I just love it!

11. What do you have to say to anyone who is on the fence about starting their own thing, whether that be a blog, a business or anything surrounded by doing their own thing?

My advice is to always be authentic in what you do, be an individual, provide something unique and people will really connect with that. Manufacturing a look, feel or persona is tough work and very hard to maintain. Do what feels good and be honest in your interactions with people.
Also, nothing is given to you and nor is it always easy; resilience, persistence and passion is always a must!

Lots of love,
Sixfoot & Salty
So there you have it, and if you need any inspiration on upcoming dinner dates, check out Sixfoot & Saltys Instagram here.




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