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Meet Jasmine Kroon - the founder of Bare Bounty Wellness.

After facing bad habits and overcoming negative addictions, Jasmine embarked upon a health and wellness journey which led her to completely transforming her life and losing 30 kg in the process.

Jasmine’s passion lies in wellness - understanding and promoting all aspects of wellness.

As Jasmine has mentioned herself on Instagram:

“My vision is to help others transform themselves just as I have, and help others align themselves to living a life of wellness. Wellness isn’t just about being physically healthy - it’s also about looking after your mental + emotional wellness, spiritual wellness, and community”.

For the tea lovers & holistic health admirers in your life - discover wellness, one sip a time, with the 100% organic and all-natural tea range from Bare Bounty Wellness.

When a gift box from Beaut Gift Co has already been loved, you can try gifting something new with the perfect tea gift for your wellness friends.

For the Wellness Newbie

14-Day Detox Duo - Refresh & Restart Challenge

Introduce someone special to the world of wellness with the 14-Day Detox Duo by Bare Bounty Wellness. It's a thoughtful way to encourage a friend or family member to prioritise self-care.

Perfect for New Year resolutions, milestones, or as a boost for anyone in need of a wellness reset!

For the Special Lady in Your Life

Hormone Harmony Tea

Show some love and understanding to the women in your life with the Hormone Harmony Tea. Thoughtfully crafted with herbs to support hormonal balance, this tea is a thoughtful gift for birthdays, Mother's Day, or as a gesture of care during challenging times.

For the Zen Seeker

Organic Blue Bliss Tea

Gift a moment of tranquillity with the Organic Blue Bliss Tea. Infused with the calming properties of butterfly pea flower, this naturally caffeine-free blend is perfect for those seeking serenity. 

Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply to say, "Take a moment for yourself."

For the Wellness Enthusiast

Açai Berry Burst Tea

Fuel the wellness journey of your loved ones with the Açai Berry Burst Tea. Packed with antioxidants and organic goodness, it's the perfect gift for fitness enthusiasts, health-conscious friends, or anyone looking to add a boost of natural energy to their day.

As a special gift to her community and the community of Beaut Gift Co - Jasmine would like to share her free Q1 digital health & wellness planner - which can be downloaded here.


All Beaut Boxes purchased before 14 Feb 2024 will receive Bare Bounty Wellness tea samples!

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