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I met Jemimah in a business Facebook group. My first impressions of her, was that she's definitely a go getter, she is motivated, she has ideas, she's outgoing, funny and relatable. She is my kind of people.
I've since become her go to gift supplier when she needs to welcome new clients onboard her team, and funnily enough, I got to put faces to some of those names when I attended a conference of hers at the end of 2022, which was so great. 
Get to know a little more about her and her business here:
1.What is The Visibility Lab and how did it all begin?


The Lab came about as I wanted to make everything that I learned about building my profile and wanted to put it in an easily accessible program, that was affordable and gave women real results in business.

 I knew women were having a hard time getting seen so we focused on 5 things.

-     Building their personal brands

-     Social Media

-     Media and PR Features

-     Speaking Agencies

-     Winning awards

 We help women learn how to do grow their business, do their own PR and have an amazing time doing it.

 2. Did you have any reservations when you first kicked off?

 I was a ball of reservations!

What if it fails? What if I do it wrong? What if no one likes it?
But I knew it was needed and we could help amazing women do amazing things. We owed it to put it out.

3.What is your favourite thing about your business?

I work with women who inspire me every single day. Who can ask for more?

4.What were some of the obstacles during your early days and how did you overcome them?

 Most of our issues with around making sure that we had the right people on our team. I’ve always taken the approach of get good people in the room and true magic happens! We had to make sure we had the right people and that came down to curating good values and good core business focus.

5.Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

Oh, my goodness. Too many to name. I have so learned so much from so many incredible people we could be here all year.

Oprah has always helped me lead with confidence but kindness.

Mel Robbins taught me to get out of my own way.

My go to business and life books are: 


Lisa Bilyeu – Radical Confidence
Miki Agrawal – Disrupt-HER
Braving the Wilderness – Brene Brown
The Body Keeps Score – Bessel A Van de Kolk
Atomic Habits – James Clear

6. What could someone expect from joining The Visibility lab team?

An amazing community of people who want you to succeed, a structured program and me to help them build their profile.

7.What are you most proud of so far with your business?

I’m grateful every single day I get to do this role and that I’ve helped so many incredible women do incredible things. The thing I’m most proud of was being named a Woman to Watch and one of the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in Australia. 

8. What are your goals for the future of TVL?

The next 12 months for us is going to be huge. I’d love 30 amazing women to join us in 2023.

6 conferences around Australia – my second book will finally be done.

I’m so excited.

9. What advice do you have for anyone who is on the fence for starting their own business?

If you are waiting for a sign- this, is it.
You are never going to feel ready. Just start.

10. What was your mission when you started your business?

 In 2019, I read that the World Health Organisation estimated that 97% of female led startups would fail in the first 5 years. This is twice the rate of our male counterpart. For me this was UNACCEPTABLE. Women have a hard time explaining how awesome we are and standing in our own power. I wanted to provide women the right tools in the right order to help build their businesses. I want to level the playing field.

11. What makes your business stand out from the rest?

We are business coaching with visibility. We want you to get a better business and tell everyone else about it. No one else right now is showing people how to do that!

12. You recently went on a working holiday with your team to Bali, what were some of the highlights?

 Every year we run a retreat to Bali with our staff and clients.

Some highlights for me included sitting pool side with cocktails… but I think you are asking about work as well?
This is time that is stolen where all you have to do is think about business and your goals and we facilitate everything else. Five-star accommodation – amazing food, day trips, massages – and we run classes twice a day.

We had people leave with book plans, new courses, a completely different business plan – and true accountability buddies!

 We are doing our next one in August 2023, and I CANNOT wait.

13. I attended your recent conference here in Sydney and absolutely loved it, are there any plans for another one in 2023 and how would someone go about attending next time?

We have 6 happening next year. Sydney – Melbourne – Canberra – Brisbane… and we are confirming the venues this week.

Interested in attending?

Send: IG message.


Website: The Visibility Lab

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