3 women minimalist print art line drawing nude
3 women minimalist print art line drawing nude

Lissa Studio A5 Three Women Print Art

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Lissa Studio mini prints are premium quality art reproductions on 350gsm textured linen cardstock. These pieces are sourced directly from an emerging Australian artist, Clarissa Luk. Mini prints are standard A5 size, and they also fit most 6 by 8" frames. They are packaged in 40micron clear cellophane (biodegradable) so they can be safely displayed without a frame. 

Prints are a perfect gift - thoughtful, functional and stylish.



Artist Statement: The Light Painting Series is a collection of statement pieces, displaying the assertive and arresting beauty of women. The female form is represented in a way which commands attention and exuberates confidence. This piece intends to capture the strong and unapologetic personalities of the sisterhood tribe, with each member complementing the others to add to their collective power in holding the viewers attention.